Will Your Roof Last Through the Winter? – Know the Signs Before Spring

At Aquila Roofing we know there are many factors to consider when determining the quality and condition of your home’s roof.Curling, cracked shingles, algae spots, discolouration, ice-damming and water-damage - there can be a lot of signs indicating your current roof needs an upgrade.

But what do these signs mean to you?

How urgent is the need for a new roof?

Ice-Dams are a buildup of ice beginning at the gutters and eaves of your roof. During winter snowfall, snow lands on your roof, melting slightly, and running down to the eaves. Ice-Damming occurs when running-water hits the unheated portions of your roof and freezes, causing a backup where any water running down your roof will freeze and force its way up your roof and under your shingles – often no matter the condition of your roof.
An Ice and Water Shield Leak Barrier is the solution to preventing roof-deck and interior damage; it is an adhesive membrane underlayment applied along the eaves, in valleys, and around any roof-deck protrusions. Leak barriers do not prevent Ice-Damming, but they do prevent any damage to your roof deck and the interior of your home, by forming a water-tight layer that can seal around nails, screws and protrusions.
Proper Attic venting prevents Ice-Damming by removing moist air from your attic. When your attic is improperly vented hot air builds up, condensing to the underside of your roof-deck and melting snow and ice on your roof. This can be seen in the winter when Ice-Damming occurs around your venting or water-damage appears around bathroom ceiling fans.
As every roof is built unique, even a proper roofing system may still have several areas requiring attention throughout the Winter, such as skylights, low-sloped valleys, dead-spots (where water cannot flow directly to the eaves) as well as chimney and wall flashings. These areas are maintained by assuring the correct screws are used, as well as ensuring the integrity of the caulking-sealant. It is useful to try and remove the snow from around these areas and in correct circumstances a heating wire can be installed to help remove build up from troublesome areas.


If you are experiencing Ice-Damming or any signs of roof damage, please do not hesitate to call us before the snow melts. The first steps to preventing interior damage is for us to remove the snow and ice before melting, and provide whatever temporary repairs are possible such that we can remedy the situation until weather conditions are warm enough for us to provide a complete fix.


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