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We offer 24/7 Emergency Repair services, simply call us any time of day and inform us of your emergency and we will be on the way!

New Skylight Services

Want to install a skylight or sun-tunnel where there isn't one? Or are you looking to upgrade an existing one? We specialize in Skylight Installation.

Complete roofing System

Looking to get a whole new roof? We offer high quality installation services with materials to reach a variety of price points.



1. morning safety meeting

The beginning of the day on every Aquila jobsite starts with a safety meeting, held by the Foreman and Safety Ambassador, going over the work scheduled for the day, and the safety protocols to be followed while on the jobsite. The Foreman may knock on the door and notify the Homeowner that work will be starting for the day.

2. Protect house & yard

The Crew will remove any remaining lawn fixture not done so by the Homeowner and set up tarps and sheets of plywood to protect the house and yard from any possible damage due to accidental falling materials.


3. set up ladders & safety

The Safety Ambassador will be the first crew-member on the roof, setting up safety for the Crew in the means of ladder ties, eave-guards, ropes and anchors. The rest of the Crew will check their own harnesses for damage and await the Safety Ambassador’s approval before going on the roof.

4. Remove existing shingles

The Crew will remove the existing roofing system (shingles) to the roof deck, pulling up all the nails and disposing of all waste in the refuse bin.


5. Sweep & inspect roof-deck

After removal of shingles, the Crew will sweep off the roof-deck and inspect the wood for any possible damage (wood rot, moisture damage). Any issues will be discussed with the Homeowner and fixed before continuing the roofing process.

6. Install drip edge & Ice-Shield

The first material to be installed on your new roof is the Drip Edge, specifically designed, this metal is manufactured to fit the contour on the edge of your roof, allowing any rainwater to roll off and away from the house-walls. The Ice and Water Shield will be installed from the lip of the Drip Edge, six feet up from the edge of your roof, up any valleys and running along any walls up under the wall-metal.


7. install valey metal

If your roof architecture has any valleys designed into it, the Crew will install valley metal of your color choosing after folding a layer of Ice & Water Shield onto the roof deck centered in the valley.  The combination of these two products will  provide superior protection from water run-off and water-build up.

8. install underlayment & starter strips

The top section of your roof deck will be layered with horizontal strips of synthetic breathable underlayment, design to keep out moisture while still allowing moisture (vapor) to escape. Shingle starter strips will be installed running along all the edges of your roof and up the sides of any valleys.


9. Install Shingles

The Crew will lay out the shingle bundles of your desired color and begin the shingle installation starting the bottom corners and working in a staircase patter to maximize the shingle overlap.

10. install venting upgrades

Venting will be installed on your new roof based on the customers desired look and to meet the venting needs of your specific roof and attic space. This may be low profile Ridge Vent, Maxi Vents, WeatherPro vents, intakes, etc.


11. Install ridge capping

Ridge Capping will be installed on all the hips and peaks of your roof, starting in the bottom corner to provide the highest possible overlap. The capping may be installed with additional caulking for maximum hold if the customer desires.

12. Screw down wall metal & accessories

All wall metal and metal accessories will be installed and screwed down with self-adhering neoprene roofing screws, fastening them securely to the roof deck and preventing any possible leaks.


13. Clear off the Roof & Clean evaestrough

The Crew will now sweep and blow off any small debris and granules off your new roof! After taking all their tools down, the last steps on the roof are to clean off the roof of any debris and clear out the eaves of all waste, before taking down the safety and ladders.

13. CLean up & check ground for nails

After getting off the roof the crew will neatly pack away their safety gear and work equipment, while clearing up the yard of any roofing debris, cleaning out the bushes and gardens and running a magnet over the yard for possible nails


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