Do You Need a Roof Repair After a Storm? How to Tell

The roof on your home does a lot to protect your home from the weather, especially during a storm. But sometimes your roof will sustain damage, even during a small storm, and worse it may take several days or weeks before the roof damage becomes evident from inside your home! Knowing what to signs to look for on the roof is your best defense when looking to deter costly repair bills. Aquila Roofing Ottawa has the experience and expertise to know what to look for when troubleshooting even the most difficult leak-repair.

Here are four ways to tell if you have damage to your roof requiring repair.


After any storm you should always go out and check the shingles on your roof from the ground. Maybe a few shingles have blown away or been forced up by the wind? Do you notice any broken, cracked or faded shingles? If so, these are sure signs that your roof has received storm impact, please call a roof repair company whenever you see damaged or missing shingles.


A lesser known sign of roof damage is the loss of granules. Granules are ceramic chips that coat a shingle, providing Heat and UV protection. During a storm, granules can become dislodged and fall from your shingles, often gathering in your eaves-troughing and around downspouts. Colour-fading is the sure sign of granular loss and can often be seen first in the ‘high-water-flow’ areas of your roof. If you notice the signs of a loss of granules, please call a roofing company.


Is there any debris on your roof? Tree limbs, branches and leaves can all be hiding roof damage; or worse the falling debris could have forced its way under your shingles. If there is debris on your roof after a storm and you are unable to remove it easily yourself, please call a handyman or your local roofing company.

4-Eaves-Troughing and Flashing:

Your eaves-troughing and flashing play a significant role in maintaining the health of your roof. Any bent or cracked flashing as well as kinked or broken eaves-troughing means that water may not flow off and way from your roof as it should. This can lead to a backflow of water (especially worrisome during Canadian Winters) leading to interior water damage and expensive repairs. If you experience damage after a storm to your roof flashing or eaves-troughing please call for repair as soon as possible.


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