Our Story

At Aquila Roofing and Construction Inc. we pride ourselves in our commitment to quality workmanship and excellent customer service.  As the Premier Roofing Installer in Ottawa our crews dedication to keeping a Green and Efficient job-site is second to none!

The Aquila Roofing Crew has been operating together in Ottawa the past 10 years  and are  well experienced in what it takes to provide a complete and warranty approved roofing system.n in the Roofing Industry.

Meet the Team

Who will you be meeting in your Aquila Roofing Experience?


Corey Powell

CEO & Estimator

Knowledgeable and experienced, Corey has worked the past 8 years in the Ottawa Roofing Industry; As the company CEO, Estimator and Installer he can be sure to answer all your roofing questions!


Walter Spera

President & Foreman

Dedicated, and experienced, Walter is the company foreman and with 9 years experience in the Industry, his attention to detail, quality workmanship  and his leadership on the roof is second to none!

Want to join our team?

Think you would be a good fit for the Aquila Roofing Team? Call us at (613) 981-ROOF or fill out the form bellow